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Professional Eco Car Wash

We wash your vehicle eco efficiently while you are doing your usual activities

The ecological/eco efficient car wash consists of washing and conditioning a car using a minimum amount of water, obtaining extraordinary results without affecting the environment and non-renewable natural resources.

Discovery car wash is a company that dedicates itself to the application of the newest technology in favor of the standard car wash, conditioning and beautifying of the vehicles, optimizing processes while incorporating innovative and efficient high-tech units that provide reliable service and very high quality



Ecological Car Wash Process

The ecological washing process consists of spraying water at low pressure controlled by an automatic pump that affects the water in the form of drizzle through a pressure washer, by applying a spray on the entire body of the vehicle with the combination of a special bio-dergadable degreaser that does not foam, leaving the vehicle completely flawless and brilliant.

The method of spray, when it is applied, prevents water from quickly being drawn onto the floor by gravity, allowing all the water to be suspended on the surface of the vehicle, thus avoiding unnecessary spills. Suspended or excess water in the car is used and removed by a cloth of micro fiber that absorbs dirt with ease and efficiency and does not scratch paint, giving it an unique cleaning and long lasting shine.

Eco-efficient Mobile Units

Unique by operating with solar power

Our mobile units designed for eco friendly car washing with high-tech, solar-powered elements are ready to give your vehicle a very high quality and reliable service.

These units use solar energy for their operation and do not require a power supply to their mains, which make them completely eco-efficient, where natural resources, technology and quality are combined without affecting (any) power consumption, nature or the environment.

With an attractive and streamlined design that guarantees an easy displacement, they are equipped with everything we need to wash a car inside and out, including a vacuum cleaner. They have built-in a sewage tank or, bio-tank, that works as a separator of hydrocarbons, so that the water can be reused or returned to the nature without affecting the environment.


We care for our planet.

Our planet is the only home we have, so we believe it is the responsibility of all of us to maintain and keep it clean.

To preserve and conserve what we have is a matter of common sense. We will depend on the current generation so that future generations can enjoy the many benefits provided to us by nature. A józan ész diktálja annak megörzését és megóvását amink van.

How we use our natural resources will determine the quality of life of all people and for how long we can continue living this way. It is an intelligent decision to act with a sense of responsibility and respect for the preservation of the planet and for one another.

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